Enfield’s grassroots sports facilities to have major benefits for the borough!

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Feb. 8, 2017, 12:19 p.m.

Grassroots sports play an integral role in Enfield and across the whole of London. Sports facilities provide a means for locals to get active and lead healthy lifestyles, while also bringing the community closer. Venues such as Highlands School and Southgate Hockey Centre form a major part of the borough landscape.

Sport England and London Sport recognise the roles venues play and are working hard to get Londoners active through. A major part of their strategy is encouraging the adoption of new strategies to make sport more accessible, with one of these being digital technology.

MyLocalPitch launched in 2014 to make it easier to search for and books grassroot sports venues over London. The industry has been slow at times to harness new technologies which deliver services with greater efficiency.

Search and booking portals have changed the travel and takeaway industries forever and as it’s become second nature to order a cab, book flights or pick-up takeaways online. Technology has grown these markets massively and grassroots sports organisations are perfectly placed to capitalise on the same development.

This innovative technology is reshaping the grassroots sports scene for the better. Now people can use a portal to find their nearest facility and make a booking in seconds. It benefits anyone who has lived here for a while or those new to the borough for family or work. Venues are listed on the site solely on individual search terms to ensure independent facilities and larger organisations are shown side-by-side.

Making it simpler to engage in activities will enable more people to regularly play sports and venues benefit from greater visitor numbers to drive revenues.

Another step to make the process simpler is building bespoke borough pages for areas like Enfield. Here locals can access a portal dedicated to the area, which lists only facilities nearby to make it more relevant. Venues know that their services and facilities are being viewed by sports players in Enfield. It’s a great way to market new pitches, late notice availability or internal tournaments and leagues.

Once an Enfield venue has been integrated to the search and booking portal through an API ( Application Programme Interface) they will have the support of a back-end system to handle all online enquiries. This eradicates admin errors and also frees up staff time to let them deal with other customer service tasks.

Technology not only opens up sports to the masses, but gives venues better revenues through more visitors. Search and booking portals in grassroots sports helps Enfield locals and facilities alike stay in rude health.

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